Tuesday, June 29, 2021

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Private Invesigator's in Florida and Agencies Charging rates from 30 years ago

 And we all need to talk about this can you believe they are charging rates from 30 years ago. The rate at this date and time should be at least 125.00 per hour and so called private investigator agencies are charging less than that. How can a car Mechanic charge 125.00 per hour and people out there are selling themselves short there should be a standard but apparently people have low standards. Low standards mean low quality investigations in Florida. 

Dominican Republic Private Investigator's

 Again I have been working in the Dominican Republic for the last 16 years its hot cant sit in a car, its a lot of leg work. But i do the right job. I have tried to subcontract work to the local investigator's give them my report format but they just wont do it. They cant prove hours they have worked. We have a strict protocol in the US but the locals just wont do it including shoddy video. I am Dominican American and a licensed Private Investigator in Florida and work in the Dominican Republic. Client's fly me down to get the right job done. 

I worked with private investigator's in the Dominican Republic?

 I can tell you from experience they have no training. I have been subcontracting to a few in the last 16 years and i find its better for my clients to take the expense and fly me down. They do not have a good work ethic even tho i am dominican/american. We are trained to write reports and document the daily investigation. I have to tried to train many in the Dominican Republic, but they want the easy money and think just sending a few pictures will do the job. I can go on, however it wont do any good. 

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